Our Rent to Own Program Advantages

Built in Equity

  • You lock in your future purchase price today
  • You are protection from a fluctuating market
  • Any upgrades you make to the home increase your future equity



  • You have the opportunity to exercise your option to purchase at any time during your term
  • You are under no obligation to purchase the home at the end of your lease
  • You have the ability to make any cosmetic changes, that you wouldn’t be allowed to implement in a standard rental housing unit
  • You choose your own home
  • You are not limited to purchasing a single family home; you can purchase a multi-family unit, if you are looking for extra income


Peace of Mind

  • Live in your future home today
  • Have professionals assist and guide you every step of the way (this will help prevent costly mishaps)
  • Experience home ownership before purchasing your home
  • If you are new immigrant, we will help you establish your credit
  • If you went through a divorce, we will show you how to rebuild your credit
  • If you went through a bankruptcy, we will show you how to restore your credit
  • If you are a new graduate fresh out of school, we will help establish your credit


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