About Us

NV Property Management offers customized Rent to Own programs. We will take care of the whole process from assessing your needs, finding you a home, fixing your credit, saving for down payment and purchasing your own home. Our Program will walk you through this process from A to Z.

We firmly believe that all Canadians deserve a place they can call home. Our main goal is to transform our current renters into future home owners. This can be achieved through the use of our customized Rent to Own programs. We realize that every family has a different combination of assets, limitations and dreams. Our job is to understand your unique needs, so we can formulate the perfect solution for you.

We have evaluated the merits of various Rent to Own concepts and decided to implement and adopt only the most valuable. You will not be trying out something new and unproven. Instead, you will have your chance to become a home owner. So stop worrying about your financial situation or your credit score!

After all, we are here to help you make the right decisions, so that you can achieve all your goals. All you need to do is seize the opportunity to realize your dreams and we’ll take care of the rest.